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Seamless content security for post-production

Keep your production assets safe and secure with our unique encryption-in-use technology, ensuring only the right people at the right time have access to your content.


Secure & Fast.

High-grade industry-standard encryption. Rapid near-line processing for the most demanding of workflows.

Always Protected

Unique encryption-in-use means files are never in the clear.

Works For You

All media types, all your existing post-production tools – on both Mac and Windows.

Multi-factor Authentication

Secure media with flexible security rules and 2nd factor authentication devices.

Track and Audit

Get detailed insight on who is using your encrypted files – or misusing them.

Dynamic access control

Choose when files can be accessed – and revoke access when you need to.

Seamless Integration

APIs and SDKs allow you to integrate security where you need it most.

Protect your content.

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